Password manager for private individuals

Because 9 out of 10 passwords are too easy to retrieve, password management offers the solution.

Everyone is annoyed when coming up with, remembering and entering hard-to-guess passwords as shown in this video. 77.6% of Dutch people find passwords difficult to remember, while 89.2% have an easy-to-guess or retrieve password, with 8% of all passwords already leaked.

ID Control helps you manage your usernames, passwords and other secrets (e.g. credit card details) with an easy free tool so that you no longer have to come up with, remember and enter them on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile. is a free password manager (for private use) that creates, remembers, autofills and checks the strength of passwords for you and reports if they have been leaked on the Dark Web and/or more often and/or too long and /or are more likely to be used by you and/or are too simple. In addition, they are only accessible to you via a mobile app and/or browser plug-in with unique biometric and/or MFA key via the mobile phone.

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