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Knowledge is power

Dataleaks periodically organizes Roundtables for IT managers, Privacy or Data Protection or (Chief) Information Security Officers of various organizations in the Netherlands. So are you looking for colleagues to spar with? Would you like to be kept informed? How are other organizations tackling growing cyber risks and with what mitigation measures? What can you learn from current events? How should you respond to incidents, and how do they bring attention to many difficult topics? In short, do you want to become stronger by sharing information and experience? Then participate in the Dataleaks Roundtable meetings.

You can count on being able to always ask your technical, organizational and legal questions in a familiar environment and spar with colleagues in the community. This can be done online or during Dataleaks meetings, workshops or training sessions accompanied by a tasty snack and drink. Together we share initiatives, information and knowledge, join forces and are stronger when it comes to cybersecurity, privacy, information security and cyber resilience. Find out the date of the next roundtable by clicking the Register button below.

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