Reported cybercrime damage amounted to $12.5 billion last year

Reported cybercrime damage amounted to $12.5 billion last year, over two billion dollars more than the previous year, according to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report 2023. The majority of the damage was caused by investment fraud ($4.6 billion) and business email compromise (BEC), which includes CEO fraud ($2.9 billion). The U.S. law enforcement agency is particularly concerned about the increase in ransomware incidents. The number of organizations reporting to the FBI increased by 18 percent compared to 2022, to more than 2800. Reported damages increased from $34 million to nearly $60 million. Particularly, the healthcare sector was frequently targeted by ransomware in 2023.

In total, the FBI received 880,000 complaints from cybercrime victims, eighty thousand more than the 800,000 in 2022. The majority of complaints, nearly 300,000, were about phishing. There were also frequent reports of personal data breaches, undelivered goods, and extortion. Furthermore, it was found that individuals aged sixty and above accounted for the most complaints. This group also experienced the greatest damage, totaling $3.4 billion, a significantly higher amount than other age groups.

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