The Augmented Reality revolution will initiate farewell to smartphones

Chief AI Scientist Yann LeCun of Meta predicts that smartphones will become obsolete within 10-15 years, replaced by augmented reality glasses and bracelets as the primary interface for intelligent assistants.

Innovations like the Limitless AI Pendant and WIZPR Ring are already leveraging AI to interact with large language models, indicating a shift towards more wearable and integrated technology. Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark echoed similar sentiments in 2022, envisioning a future where smartphones are no longer the dominant interface, with technology potentially integrated directly into our bodies.

Microsoft’s Phi-3-Mini language model, boasting 3.8 billion parameters, operates directly on smartphones, showcasing advancements that enhance accessibility and convenience for users. Initiatives like Humane AI’s Ai Pin and Elon Musk’s Neuralink seek to redefine human-machine interaction, emphasizing a balance between wearables, AI, and data privacy to unlock their full potential responsibly and ethically.

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