Nearly half of websites vulnerable to cyber attack

Cyber security given low priority by businesses

Almost half of websites are vulnerable to attacks, yet this is given low or no priority by organizations. There are up to 78 different vulnerabilities in supporting systems of webshops in Germany. Additionally, as much as half of software has reached its end-of-life point but is not being replaced. The status quo is rarely assessed, so organizations do not know where vulnerabilities exist. As a result, organizations not only put their own data at risk, but also that of their users. Various agencies therefore encourage vulnerability scans to be performed. The sponsor of this Dataleaks video ( is VulnControl (, a service that makes the resilience and vulnerability of systems and websites visible to organizations. Within a few hours, organizations gain insight into where their website or infrastructure is vulnerable, what the risks are, and how to proceed. By regularly conducting vulnerability scans, organizations must have adequate detection and response capabilities.

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