Phishing: what does it imply to your organisation?

This Dataleaks video is meant to briefly highlight the state of affairs regarding phishing and to spread awareness. Research by the Digital Trust Center has shown that more than 1 in 5 employees click on phishing links. A demonstrably effective solution to combat the phishing problem is to perform phishing simulations. For 67% of businesses, the most disruptive attack in the past 12 months was a phishing attack.

It has also been found that 1 in 7 Dutch people have suffered financial damage as a result of phishing. The sponsor of this Dataleaks video is Phishing Expert ( a platform that helps you with phishing, smishing and vishing simulations to analyze employee behavior regarding common scenarios.

During these simulations, matters like: which employees have opened a phishing email, who has clicked on a malicious link, what information has been released and which employees have opened an attachment will be tracked.

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